Barkal was created with the goal of celebrating Sudanese history and tradition through a culturally treasured pair of shoes.
This everyday shoe is derived from traditional Sudanese men's shoes, named Markoub. As a Sudanese-American brother-sister duo, we grew up watching our father and grandfathers wear this wardrobe staple and became even more intrigued when we learned our great-grandmother owned a red pair, despite being culturally recognized as "men's shoes." This inspired our very first gender-neutral pair: Signature Maroon.
It was our way of honoring the ancestral strength of the women and men who paved the way for us to be able to do what we do. One pair led to the next and so it began...
Made with soft, natural-grain Nappa leather, the core collection reflects traditional craftsmanship, reintroducing artisan styling and detailing. Each shoe is carefully hand stitched and constructed in a long-established family-owned factory using only the highest quality Italian leathers and materials. 
Classic meets modern perfection. Your new wardrobe staple awaits.