Barkal is a Sudanese-inspired label that introduces a contemporary line of gender-neutral, premium Italian leather footwear that fuses a timeless silhouette with a modern aesthetic.
This everyday shoe is derived from traditional Sudanese men's shoes, named Markoub, and has been modified to allow for 'narrow' and 'wide' fits to accommodate various shapes and sizes. The brand was founded by a Sudanese-American brother-sister duo with a combined background in design, architecture and finance. Together they worked to bridge the gap between history and modernity, to create a contemporary yet classic, progressive yet traditional product. Moreover, they created Barkal with the goal of celebrating Sudanese history and tradition through this culturally treasured pair of shoes. 
Made with soft, natural-grain Nappa leather, the collection reflects traditional craftsmanship, reintroducing artisan styling and detailing. Each shoe is carefully hand stitched and constructed in a long-established family-owned factory using only the highest quality Italian leathers and materials. 
Classic meets modern perfection. Your new wardrobe staple awaits.